Company profile

Menno Veenstra (1962) graduated in Fiscal Economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam in 1989. He set up Veenstra Belastingadviesbureau in 1995. Prior to that he worked as a tax consultant for Price Waterhouse in Amsterdam.

In the 20 years of its existence Menno’s office has built up a diverse customer base, for which he provides support and advice on a wide variety of tax issues. His customers mainly work in trade, industry and financial services.

The office works in close cooperation with various tax consultants, administration and accountancy firms and legal and trust offices. When necessary, the office hires knowledge and skills from third parties. Sometimes Veenstra Belastingadvies works together with other partners on bigger projects.

Veenstra Belastingadviesbureau deliberately does not expand in terms of personnel. It believes in solid networks with other service providers. This ensures that all attention is focused on the customer. If there is a new project or a new customer, the office can immediately respond to that.