Tax consultancy

Veenstra Belastingadviesbureau offers a wide variety of services. From take-over and acquisition advice to setting up structures that ensure the level of tax paid is no higher than necessary. The office is especially interested in international companies with an office or holding in the Netherlands.

The tax consultancy services include:

  • setting up prognoses for financial applications;
  • investment plans and subsidy applications;
  • value assessment of business or stock;
  • buying or selling of business;
  • succession in business;
  • support for start-ups;
  • setting up corporations.

Tax Compliance

Tax compliance services are an important part of the office’s work. These activities include:


  • preparing corporate income tax and dividend returns;
  • reviewing tax returns set up by taxable persons;
  • second opinions on adopted positions in returns set up by other tax consultancies;
  • all activities related to the tax returns, including verification of returns, legal proceedings and appeals, processing of request letters, support for due diligence and meetings with the tax office;
  • providing tax compliance input in due diligence procedures;
  • supporting and carrying out VAT and payroll tax administration.